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Gold Standard Piercings & Fine Jewellery is Camden Town's first fully disposable and dedicated Piercing only studio. We pride ourselves on our beautiful selection of high quality jewellery, service and hygiene.

Opening times

Monday to Saturday

11.00am - 7pm. Last service 6.30pm


11.00am - 5pm. Last service 4.30pm



AddressUnit 8, 190 Camden High Street, NW1 8QP

Price list

Check up fee£5

For piercings done elsewhere

Jewellery Fitting / Removal £10

Microdermal Removal £15

Taper open / reopen without a needle £15

Lobe £30

- Pair / stack £55

Cartilage / flat / tragus / helix / conch £40

Snug £40

Daith £40

Rook £40

Industrial £50

Nose £40

- Pair £75

High nostril £45

- Pair £85

Septum £50

Eyebrow £40

Bridge £45

Lip (labret style jewellery) £45

- Pair £85

Lip (curved bar)£55

- Pair £105

Cheeks / dahlias £105

Tongue £50

Nipple £45

- Pair £85

Navel £45


Each piercing is performed with single use sterile needles and any equipment used is immediately disposed of.

The jewellery we offer is of the highest industry standard. We only use Internally Threaded or Threadless Titanium, both of which have a mirror polish finish, assuring comfort and safety during insertion and wear. Our Gold jewellery is solid 14k & 18k with no platings, fillers or coatings.

We are the only studio in Camden Town to offer lobe piercings done with a needle for children from 8 & up (by appointment only) using high quality jewellery. This is the safest way for children (and adults, of course!) to be pierced. (A parent or legal guardian MUST be present with photo ID for both adult and child for the piercings procedure)

Piercing / ID Policy

  • No person under the age of 16 shall be pierced except on the ear lobe with the consent of a parent or legal guardian who must be present and sign the consent form, valid photo ID is also required for both consenting adult and minor.
  • Ear lobe - ages 8+ (with parental consent)
  • Nipple, Cheek, Bridge and Male Genital piercing - ages 18+
  • Female genital piercing is forbidden by law in the borough of Camden.
  • We do not currently offer Microdermal piercings.
  • Valid photo ID is a mandatory requirement for the consent form.
  • Pricing includes basic Titanium jewellery, any gem/attachment used for piercing will incur additional cost.
  • We will not pierce with or fit any jewellery which has not been purchased from Gold Standard Piercings & Fine Jewellery.
  • Due to the fully disposable nature of the studio we cannot pierce with jewellery previously purchased from us also.
  • All piercings are anatomy dependant.

Meet the team



Louise profile picture

Growing up as a creative and artsy kid, Louise found herself never sure of what she wanted to do for a career. The idea of doing the same job for years and years seemed boring, especially after working office jobs in between completing her Degrees.After moving to London to study Fashion Design (which she enjoyed but again, wasn't what she really wanted) Louse eventually found herself in a position to learn to be a piercer.

When she began in 2010, piercing was still pretty old school. Not a lot of choices for jewellery, but she felt like she'd found her place in life. There was just something so exciting about it all, every day was different.

And her she is many years later, not at all bored at doing the same job. Louise's enthusiasm and passion for piercing is seen in her work and they way she speaks to clients individually to plan their piercings.Clients are drawn to her excitement and creativity, her use of colour and texture along with placement.As someone with a passion for jewellery and especially gold, there isn't a better career.

When Louise isn't piercing she can be found outdoors with her family, feeding squirrels or lifting heavy things and always in Nike.



Tom profile picture

Tom has been piercing since the beginning of 2016 and is also a veteran of the service industry, he has forged a strong reputation based on his aim to consistently achieve the best overall client experience possible, alongside his skill set and attentive bedside manner. Tom feels it is important for people to be as informed as possible with regard to body piercings so will try and convey as much useful information to help ensure clients are fully equipped for the commitment of healing a piercing.

While Tom does not favour particular areas of the body to pierce he does enjoy the challenge that is presented with each individual's anatomy and the opportunity to create unique styles and placements. His favourite ear piercing to perform is a conch on the basis that it was his first ear piercing but also the versatility the placement offers in terms of jewellery options.

Outside of piercing Tom enjoys cycling, music, cooking, reading and socialising.